Past work includes... (Besides current projects)


2016-2017: Mentored the "Build your First Android App (Project Centered Course)" on Coursera (Online University)


2012-2014: Developed and supported FMail for Windows Store


2007-2008: Worked with Anritsu to develop a Contact Management System to track Field Service Technicians (Customers) from T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.


1998-2003: Worked with NAV. Co, LLC to Co-Author, support, and debug TMSWIN and DMSWIN: Tribunal and Dispensation Managment Systems Marketted to the Catholic Church internationally


2001: Briefly worked on military contract but did not get very far or learn anything due to disability (was on job less than 2 months and really became disabled within first 3 weeks).


1998-2001: Worked for New York State Courts as a LAN Administrator, provided technical support, ran LAN cabling, supported Novell and Windows servers, supported ADBM and other database systems.


1996-1998: Concurrent Computer Coproration/Harris Computer Systems Corporation: Senior Engineer/Lead Software Engineer: Real Time UNIX Debugging and development.


Prior to career (while in school):

-5 years summer job sold popcorn and soda at local theater

-.5 year sold used video games until place went out of business