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I'm an independent developer who has a lot of free time ... Received my degree in Computer Science from Clemson in 1996, Worked for 5 years in industry in government, and have largely been working from home since 2001.

Current Project - Now Available - Minor work still being done

Student Centered Classroom Assistant (Google Play Store) (Amazon App Store) uses a Seating Chart to track Homework (tap to mark in/partial/out), Attendance (tap to mark in/late/out), Picks Students at Random, and also randomly groups students. Available for Android on Google Play and Amazon App Store now.

There are planned fixes, but my free time is not enitrely being dedicated to this.

Brief information and Set up instructions are here.

At this writing, only Android devices are supported, however an iPad version "may" be on the way: I've been tinkering with writing an iPad version and I'm about 60-75% done with that. One catch, because it uses drag and drop features which are new to iOS 11, I will require iOS 11 to run the app.  The main feature i'm having issues getting done right now is the 'reports' (summary of previous days attendance and homework) and that's a simple matter of getting a table/grid to display, the data itself is easy to assemble.  I'm just not normally an IOS programmer, so things which should be easy are a bit foreign to me.


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