I'm never sure what to share here, sometimes it's business and sometimes it's personal..  But only so much personal information is shared with people i don't know (I still don't understand social media).


At this time, I'm just documenting stuff like projects (recent work) like Student Centered Classroom Assistant, the app i wrote for iPad and Android - it's got a very limited market (another way for saying it's not selling that much yet, but then I've done absolutely no advertising) but it was fun to write and I'll probably keep developing it anyway when i have the time.  If I decide to 'promote' it it will be when I'm more confident (and have more resources to support it).


For Student Centered Classroom Assistant, I have the price set in all application (app) stores for this at or near the lowest price i can set it at (other than free), just as a token price, because it was not free for me to build this application - ignoring the time and training it took to build the project, there are things like store registration and app store access (so i can get the application to you).  The alternative, i can bombard you with annoying advertisements that take up the whole screen, but that  goes against everything i believe in (for now, anyway, i may change yet).


I've also got an older ghetto garage.net app, which was only done for android, I developed that in a course on how to get started writing android apps (which i became a mentor in for a while, online).   It was a  fun experience.  The excuse i have for not writing an iOS app is because that requires an SSL certificate (Apple's requirements when communicating with web server) and the site owner thinks that's not 'ghetto' (meaning- it costs money) so it's not going to happen.


5 or so years ago (as i write this) i had an app for Windows 8 (fMail) but i decided to discontinue that, though that probably sold the equivalent of about 1,000 copies based on how much income came in (No, not a ton of money, barely a thousand dollars a year over 2-3 years).   That was fun to write because I actually needed that app for my own purposes, these other apps were either for someone else's interests or for a course and to me weren't as meaningful.


I'll write more and share more here when i think it's useful.